United Harvest Workers Union

by United Harvest Workers Union

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released June 29, 2010

All music written by United Harvest Workers Union
Neal Leventry- Drums, Percussion
Justin Miller- Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Denman Rooke- Mandolin, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Dylan Rooke- Bass Guitar, Accordian, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jake Pellatiro- Electric Guitar, Banjo, Slide Guitar, Saw, Organ, Percussion, Mandolin

Guest Musicians
Markus Midkiff- Cello
Casey Meikle- Fiddle
Alan Archer- Piano
Lilly Lomein- Vocals
Richard Harper- Vocals
Tetra Cierpke- Vocals
Timbre Cierpke- Vocals
Janell Belcher- Vocals

Recorded February 2010 at Viking Studios
Engineered by Kevin Bruchert, Ryan Griffin, and Matt James

Viking Studios
1815 Division Street, Suite 115
Nashville, TN 37203




United Harvest Workers Union Pittsburgh

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Track Name: New Has Come
Verse 1-
This wound is gaping, stretching far.
Beyond what we can hope to mend.
Our sin parting us from you.
It's hell in our hearts again.

Our past mistakes stare at us again, your forgiveness calling our name.
Everything we need we found in you.
Your forgiveness washes us clean, we learn to love again.
Everything we need we found in you.

Verse 2-
The old is gone the new has come.
Like the dawning of a new day sun.
What was once held in darkness.
Now the light shines on.

More of you, and less of me.
Take all of what we used to be.
The old is gone, the new has come.
We'll take this love and run.
Track Name: Set Free
Verse 1-
You've given grace to me that I just don't deserve.
And peace I can not comprehend.
Your love has flooded over me.
Lord your love it never ends.

And I want you to know.
That you mean everything to me.
And no matter where this life may take me.
You're the one that set me free.

Verse 2-
You are my comfort in the harshest of times.
And my shelter from the storm.
You've forgiven me of all my sins.
You've forgiven me oh Lord.

Hallelujah to the lord our God.
Track Name: Redemption Today
Verse 1-
Where are you, I feel so far.
You're calling out to me.
Here I am, I feel so small.
Then you embrace me.

Bring redemption to this heart today.
Prune these branches though it may bring pain.
You're the potter and I'm the clay.
Sweet redemption today.

Verse 2-
I've fallen again, in my sin.
You still pick me up.
You meet me, where I am.
And you lift me up.

We long for your voice, to call out to us.
We long for your touch, to reach out to us.
We long for your love, to wrap it arms around.
We long for your grace, to pick us up when we are down.
Track Name: Prodigal
Verse 1-
We have nothing to give but our hearts.
Our lives given to the service of all.
You've stripped it all away, our ideals of selfish gain.
The last, the least, the lost may we serve today.

You sent out your call.
So we set our course for home.
Prodigal sons and daughters we are (no more),
Welcomed in with open arms.

Verse 2-
Once was lost, now is found.
Brothers and sisters on solid ground.
You've taken these jars of clay, broken, battered, and thrown away.
Put together, now, in community.

And you saw us a far way off, and you ran with open arms.
Track Name: Sweet Relief
Verse 1-
I know when I leave this world I'm going to a place in the sky.
I'm headed heaven above where all those angels fly.
I'll sing with all the saints His praise in harmony.
Thank you my Lord and King for saving a wretch like me.

I love you more than words can say.
You've washed all my sins away.
You've taken all my pain and grief.
Oh, Jesus, you are my sweet relief.

Verse 2-
So Lord make straight my path and narrow my way.
And I will do my best to never stray away.
But Lord if I should stumble, and If I should fall.
I know You'll be right there to help me stand up tall.
Track Name: Compassion
Verse 1-
Creatures of habit, tangled are we.
Like dogs unto our vomit, returning continually.

And we will bare each others burdens, what's yours is mine.
And we will be together, one heart, one spirit, one mind.

Verse 2-
Your grace covers all our sin so great.
Let us not continue as to adulterate.

We are all weary, we're downtrod and poor.
Be received by the love and grace of the lord.
We are all weary, we're downtrod and poor.
Taste and see how good is our lord.
We are all weary, we're downtrod and poor.
Let us be the love and grace of the lord.
We are all weary, we're downtrod and poor.
Let us be the hands and feet of our lord.

You are our
all in all, all in all.
You are our everything.
All in all, all in all.
We share in your suffering.
All in all, all in all.
In you we find our joy.
All in all, all in all.
our burdens no longer ours.
Track Name: Worker's Call
Verse 1-
As I walk to the foot of the cross, all my burdens fall to the ground.
You've taken my wretched state and made me hole.
What was once a selfish place of despair has been transformed into something new.
A heart that's willing, a heart calling for you.

Verse 2-
For I am nobody at all. Lord your love is all I have.
Like the sun rising in the morning, you light the way.
Forever faithful to the very end, the blood of the lamb for my sin was slain.
Redemption stands ever before me calling my name.

Guide my steps, forever lead me on.
All stripped down, my gaze on you alone.
I've been called to be your worker, servant of all, feet washer.
Praise be your name, oh Lord.

Verse 3-
For let me say i did not labor for nothing, I give up myself, I give up my all.
Let me reach out to the broken and hurting all around.
Where you go, Lord, I will follow, to the cross to the grave.
My soul made new my sins forgave.

Praise be the Father, Praise be the Son.
Praise be the spirit, three in one.
Track Name: Broken Down
Verse 1-
Oh sweet Jesus could you take away my pain today.
And all the worries of my mind.
I'm so tired and broken down.
I keep falling on the ground.
Won't you help me up again.

I can't do it on my own.
I won't make it alone .
You've told me to cast my cares upon you.
So that's exactly what i intend to do.

Verse 2-
Oh my savior could you save my from myself today,
'cause I've been thinking of wretched things.
I'm so tired and broken down.
I keep falling on the ground.
Won't you help me up again.

Verse 3-
Lord above me I know how much you love me.
And I'm not worthy of a thing.
I'm so tired and broken down.
I'm always falling on the ground.
Won't you help me up again.
Track Name: Twisted Thorns
Verse 1-
Today we make again our own.
The hope which Christ, our life, has sown.
In fertile fields and streets of stone.

Where justice works amidst the weed.
Of rampant want and choking greed.
To loose the voice of human need.

Where Mercy's fingers, slashed and torn.
Untangle love from twisted thorn.
Of anger, disbelief and scorn.

Verse 2-
Where hearts imprisoned toil and weep.
Our founders dreams still trouble sleep.
With harvest we have yet to reap.

In Christ, we tend what God has planned.
With justice, mercy, truth in hand.
Till joy sings out through all the land.
Track Name: Lord Have Mercy
Let this be our prayer,
To love all equally, Lord have mercy!

Let this be our prayer.
The rich and the poor man, widows and orphans.

Let this be our prayer,
To love all equally, Lord have mercy!

Let this be our prayer.
At home and over seas, friends and enemies.